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StreetPrayers.org - Servants Log

 Elder Harvey Pinkney - Founder/Director

Harvey Pinkney has had a burden for the plight of America's inner cities for decades. With the launching of StreetPrayers.org, we are very excited as we see what JESUS is doing in Chicago, IL.

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Evangelist Samara King - StreetPrayers.org Campaign Manager


Evangelist Samara King was born in Buffalo NY, and later moved to Chicago where she grew up on the south side of Chicago. After years of straying away from God, his faithfulness remained. Several men and women of God were instrumental in stabilizing her spiritual growth. After an encounter with Angie Ray Ministries, the tables began to turn. Her life was supernaturally transformed into a power house of praise. An Evangelist that would go anywhere to get the job done!

After years of serving as an Evangelist, she was anointed with the gift of healing. Presently serving as the StreetPrayers.org Campaign Manager, she can truly serve at the highest capacity as an Evangelist. Before joining StreetPrayers.org, Evangelist Samara was determined to start her own healing ministry, even if it meant opening the doors to her own house. The Lord swiftly moved her to StreetPrayers.org, where she could fully utilize her Evangelistic anointing along with other God-given talents. The boldness of StreetPrayers.org has brought out the fight in her even the more! She claims that StreetPrayers.org has an elaborate plan for evangelizing Godís people for the future. She is proud to be a partaker this new Wave of the future; The high-tech use of technology, coupled with the unifying of every prayer Intercessor in the world at the same time. It will be worth the wait.

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Pastor John Smith, Love Tabernacle Full Gospel Ministry - District Minister 60637

Pastor John Smith was raised up as a Baptist. Even though I attended church on a regular basis I didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. At the age of 25 my life was miserable with no peace. I drank and partied trying to find rest for my soul and couldn't find it. In 1974 I received Jesus as my Lord & Savior.

In 1975 I received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues under the ministry of Evangelist R.W. Schambach and was later ordained as a minister of the gospel at his church (Miracle Temple) in Chicago IL. in 1979. For many years I ministered on street corners, nursing homes and in jails. In 1996 the Lord blessed me with a beautiful wife, Evangelist Linda Smith, to help me fulfill His call on my life. In 1999 after being an associate pastor many years, God called me into the pastoral ministry and enabled me to become the founding pastor of Love Tabernacle Full Gospel Ministry. My wife and I are remembers of God's Victorious Army under the leadership of Morris Cerullo and in fellowship with Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association.

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Evangelist Linda Smith, Love Tabernacle Full Gospel Ministry - District Minister 60637

My name is Linda. I was born in St. Thomas, Jamaica. In my early teens I moved to London, England where I completed my education.

In the eighties I made a huge step of faith and came to the USA although at the time I did not know that the Lord was orchestrating my life. The first two years in America were very hard. During this time I gave my life to the Lord and became born again and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. My life has not been the same since. I was so thankful to the Lord for the transformation that took place in my life, that I told everyone I met about the Lord and what he would do for them if they gave him the opportunity. I believe it was in the 2nd year of my Christian walk when I realized I had a call on my life.  The scriptures the Lord gave me were Luke 4:18 and 2 Tim 4:5. Through these passages He gave me confirmation. The Lord also gave me a great love for prayer, His word, and people.

I joined the evangelistic team at my church under the leadership of the late Dr. Floyd C. Miller Pastor, and also the five fold ministry classes. While I was still at my local church I visited one of Kenneth Copeland's meetings and that is where I met my husband, Pastor John Smith. Our relation began slowly because he lived in Chicago, and I in CA . I later relocated to Tucson, all in God's plan and after that to Chicago and married my husband. During my preparation time, I took correspondence courses at Rhema Bible School. I was ordained just under two years ago as an Evangelist. To God be the glory for all HE has done.

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